Sunday, August 22, 2010

100th post, recording my day, stolen idea, my photos.

recording my day: quick appointment in the morning, 19min, found old issues of vogue living on my way home filled with inspiration for the new dream (currently a fantasy) home, stopped at a cafe, ran into a dear friend who has all that i hope for (inspirational), quick / lovely chat, coffee: tall, strong, one sugar (changed from tall, weak, 2 sugars) made a BIG decision, butterflies,excitement, home, played with jack (boxer) but not a boxer dog, not really a dog you understand. he is currently asleep on the bed, my bed. took some photos, featuring orchids from my mums garden (i have an endless supply at this time of year) impressed with photos, im checking the setting on the SLR as this was 'point & shoot". started reading some new blogs. did something that makes me anxious but shouldn't.(good) now: more coffee, (instant, 2 sugars, dash of milk, blue cup) get jack off the bed & into the studio.
lulki x

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  1. CONGRATS on the 100th post my dear!! They've all been beautiful...
    Mimmy xx