Sunday, June 28, 2009

how do i choose?

my site has been up and running for a month now and i still do not have a business card! when people ask me "what is the address?" i have to spell it out....., i don't just hand over a lovely colour, matt laminate, perfect business card.
i just cant decide on a design.... its something i will look at everyday, its a reflection of me & of my business. how does one choose?!
all i know for sure is that i want a pattern on the front and all of the information & the lulki logo on the back.

here are my 2 options

something light, subtle, i don't think ill get tired of this design.

bright, colourful, i love it now but will i love it 1000 business cards over?

what do you think? I'm leaning toward option 1...


  1. So nice to have found your lovely so inspire me...i am off to check out your shop...i love bright and colourful for your business cards!!! I will for sure be back!!!

  2. What beautiful designs!! I love the first one the most!

  3. I would go the first one! Love it. Great idea...

  4. I think the first one is beautiful, stylish and elegant. Love the 2nd one too, just a bit edgier. Kellie x