Tuesday, June 30, 2009

where do the days go???

im working on a collection of fascinators for this coming racing season... i have been putting together & pulling apart pieces all day, but i think things are starting to work...

as well as designing & making all the pieces, i have also been calling stores this week to set up appointments to view the range, this always makes me nervous! i have a few stores that are interested, some would like to see photos before committing to an appointment so ill be getting up early tomorrow to photograph some of my favourite pieces.... i should have photographed everything today but im a night owl, the days seem to slip away & i feel the most creative in the afternoon & evening. i try to get up early & work during the day but it never seems to happen that way!

here is a peak at a book that i will blog about this week...

Carolyn Quartermaine... UNWRAPPED, an amazing book filled with a million stunning photographs! i did want to write about this today, but i ran out of time... where do the days go?

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  1. Please don't forget to show your fascinators. Love these! fabrics are gorgeous... Good luck!!