Saturday, August 22, 2009

one of each please....

amazing pieces all handcrafted & beautifully detailed, by Elizabeth Dye. i would love to have all 3 or at the very least the top cropped jacket, its available at the ... im keeping a close eye on it.
im off to the snow for a week tomorrow.... i am taking all of my supplies with me to finish all of my fascinator orders, they are due the first week of september and as usual i have once again left everything to the last minute! i hope i dont forget anything :)
as a result of my busy week at the snow i will not be posting anything for a while, but when i return ill have lots of fascinator photos & a list of stores that they will be available at.
off to the studio to pack....


  1. So so lovely..I am thinking I would love a few of those as well....Happy week to you ....hope all goes well and you get your work done!

  2. Ruffles are so fun! These are gorgeous.